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  • Unmanned Aerial Systems provide a stable and safe platform for Aerial Photography and videography.
  • High Resolution videos can be used for presentations and websites ,or in printed form for advertising and brochures. 
  • We are using High Resolution cameras producing  ULTRA HD VIDEO 4K and 12mp stills.
  • Cameras are attached on 3D stabilized gimbals for smooth & clear Videos and still photographs.
  • In Hotel industry is a valuable tool for presenting Hotel installations,location, in above ground level view,with astounding results.
  • Inspections of industrial facilities,building projects,Real Estate,works in public sector.
  • Live streaming of full HD Video gives a breathtaking view of live events.
  • 3D Mapping is a valuable tool for Civil Engineers.

Coverage of concerts,sport events,and other live events ,providing live video feed

and recorded video,as well as productions for organizations,keeping in mind the public safety.


Upon licensing from Civil Aviation Authority Company will commence Commercial Operations with Drones.